Recent Engagements

  • Represented the Delhi Govt. in proceedings before the Delhi High Court in a case of critical importance/merit where the underlying issue was whether a parent company has to pay stamp duty to the Delhi govt. for acquisition of a subsidiary’s immoveable assets during the process of merging with its subsidiary
  • Advised a leading bank which was part of a consortium of banks making substantial investment in a project finance of an IT park by a leading real estate company.
  • Advised a top tier multinational company entering into large real estate transactions in India and closed various deals involving real estate on behalf of the said MNC.
  • Advised a large financial company ($500M+ Revenue) making Private Equity investments in an FMCG company.
  • Advised a large financial company ($500M+ Revenue) making Private Equity investment in an IT Company.
  • Regularly advising leading Indian banks (private and public sector) on various project financing matters, conduct due diligence on behalf of the said banks in real estate transactions.
  • Advised a large Indian listed company in a case involving tender floated by the Govt. of India for procurement of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Advised a leading Indian company making investments in real estate in the UAE. Conducted due diligence on behalf of the said company and advised on regulatory issues involving the said transaction.
  • Regularly advising leading financial institutions in relation to loan/borrowing related documentation and queries, drafting and negotiating credit documents and conduct vetting of credit documents, mortgage/hypothecation deeds and other banking and finance law related queries.
  • Advised a leading top tier multinational company regarding the legal position in case of foreign companies seeking to enter the retail sector in India.
  • Regularly advising the Govt. of Delhi on commercial law related issues including tender documents, drafting and vetting of contracts, etc.
  • Represented a leading Indian Real Estate Company before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in an Arbitration Case.